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Anonymous: I feel like im your other half, your blog helps me to sort out my thoughts and messed mind. I weigh the same and am exactally the same height so wierd and have the same attitude i just need help, how old are you xxxxx 

sorry for the late reply! im glad my blog has helped you :) woah thats so weird, come off anon so i can meet my other half :D

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Anonymous: No it's not ok, please be careful and think about what you're doing. I won't tell you what not to do, because that is up to you, but please think before you take the laxatives and think about how it could affect your health. I don't know anything about you, but I do know that there are better ways to deal with you're emotions and feelings about yourself or whatever is going on in your life. Just don't do anything drastic, ok? That's all I'm asking. Weigh it out carefully in your head before 

okay, thanks for caring <3

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if i take 3 laxatives at once is it okay? the recommended dose is 1-2 but with my laxative tea i had to take twice the dosage for it to work so i was thinking id have to take more of the laxative pills as well (im not taking both at the same time)

anyone know about laxatives?

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i cant stop binging. its literally everyday and ive gained so much weight. i hate myself. How do i stop? i feel like i never will and ill just turn into a disgusting obese shit.